Healthy Teachers are Happy Teachers

Here's a little flashback from The SuperHERO Teacher: [insert enchanting music here] I remember chatting with my mom six years ago just before graduating with my undergrad and finally entering the "adulting" stage we all think is so glamorous until we actually experience it.  My mom was eating a salad and I was eating my usual easy mac with unnecessary amounts of ranch dressing drizzled on it (gross, I know).  She said to me, "I wish I could still eat foods like that, but it's just not possible when you get older."  I chuckled and went on eating my deliciously terrible mac n' cheese.

Fast-forward six years and here I am wishing I inquired a bit more about what my mom meant! It's not even about my size or weight, y'all... It has everything to do with my HAPPINESS.  I've always been a fan of working out because it has always been part of my life, but eating clean was not.  Now that I'm balancing more tasks in life, it's essential that I make eating clean a priority. Since I'm a visual learner, I knew I needed to SEE progress.  I may be feeling better, but I need to see it on a chart or something pretty to believe it (please tell me I'm not the only one).   So, I've created this little Healthy Teacher Chart

To use this FREE chart, simply print it, laminate it, and display it.  With lamination, you can use dry erase markers to mark the daily hydration, fill in weight loss bubbles, and so much more.  I hope you get as much use out of this resource as I have.  I've been tracking my eating habits and working out almost daily.  I can see changes in my body, but most importantly, I feel happy.  What's that saying? Your students will totally feed off your happiness and energy, so invest in yourself.  You can do this! 


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