Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition: Behind the Scenes

Hi everyone!  We’ve all been anxiously awaiting the reveal of the classroom makeover giveaway that I’ve been promoting for the past few months, so I’ve decided to split the reveal into 5 sections because so much went into this project, and I want to show everyone the entire process! 

Here are the dates of the blog posts:
  1. Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition: Behind the Scenes | August 6, 2016
  2. Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition: Traveling Crew | August 7, 2016
  3. Extreme Makeover Classroom Edition: GRAND Reveal | August 8, 2016
  4. Make Your Classroom First Day Ready | August 9, 2016
  5. The Importance of Classroom Climate | August 10, 2016

Okay, now let’s talk about what you’re REALLY here for! What went into this classroom makeover?
First of all, the giveaway was a huge success—bringing in more than 900 applicants!  I read every. single. application.  I wanted to make sure the winner of the $3000+ giveaway was the best fit for the contest, and Megan certainly was!  I remember reading Megan’s application and getting goose bumps.  I immediately had my crew read her story and we all simultaneously agreed that she was the one who deserved this the most!  

Megan was so excited to be part of such a huge giveaway!  The quick responses from her administration, co-workers, and students made the process much easier than I anticipated.  Within 24 hours, Megan sent me pictures of her classroom as is.  Below, you’ll see those images and hopefully you can see how instantly, my brain started creating a vision for the classroom’s new look

So what exactly was the process?

1    The first purchase I made included new seating for the classroom.  Megan’s current desks didn’t allow for much wiggle room for her OR her students, so I knew I wanted something that would open up the room a bit more and allow for collaboration amongst the class.  I found these incredible group desks and chairs from School Outfitters and they truly made the biggest impact in the room.  Megan needed a minimum of 36 seats for students, so that meant purchasing 9 group desks and 36 chairs.

           2. From there, I needed to pick a color scheme.  One morning, I was walking around Target and of course, I ended up in the Dollar Spot.  I saw the bright colored bins in the picture below, and instantly knew that I had picked the theme of the classroom.  I wanted to bring color to the room while still making it high school appropriate—which meant neon colors mixed with black was a perfect option! 

3    Once the theme was chosen, I spent many late nights planning, drafting, and creating the design of the classroom.  I had 2 giant bulletin boards to fill and a ton of blank space on the walls to make the room pop.  Every poster, bulletin board, and product in the room that you’ll see, I created.  I wanted there to be a lot of personal touches, so that’s what I did!

4    Every very high school English teacher dreams of having unique seating in their room to inspire students to read independently and fall in love with a book.  You know what that means, right?  A trip to IKEA was in store!  I went to IKEA with a vision of creating a “Book Bistro” in a corner of Megan’s classroom.  I wanted it to have a coffee shop vibe with cozy seating and a ton of books.  Below, you’ll see the table and chairs I chose. 

5    After I had every inch of the space planned, all products created, and a million trips to Office Max completed, I was ready to focus on our trip to Minnesota.  I brought along with me some incredible individuals who made this whole process possible.  Alicia from Miss S’s Supports, Jesse from the school I taught at the past 4 years, and my mom are the true heroes here!  I wanted to thank them for all of their efforts, so I surprised them with coffee mugs I designed and lunch boxes filled with goodies! PS: you’ll get to meet these individuals in my next blog post!

6    We had everything planned, it was just time for execution.  We loaded up the car and began our journey from Ohio to Minnesota.  It was a lengthy 10 hours, but we had a blast laughing and getting to know each other on a deeper level! Let me just tell you, though... My little Nissan Rogue was JAM packed!!! 

Tomorrow, you’ll get to meet my crew AND learn of all the incredible Teachers pay Teachers sellers who donated to this giveaway!  On Monday, I’ll post pictures of the GRAND reveal! Stay tuned!

Happy Saturday—


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